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Project Structure

InfoStrat.VE consists of two assemblies, InfoStrat.VE.dll and InfoStrat.VE.NUI.dll. For WPF applications, only reference InfoStrat.VE.dll. For Surface projects, you must reference both InfoStrat.VE.dll and InfoStrat.VE.NUI.dll.
A summarized object tree is below:
  • InfoStrat.VE.dll
    • InfoStrat.VE (Namespace)
      • VEMap - The main map class
      • VEPushPin - Add as a child to VEMap instances for push pin features
    • InfoStrat.VE.Utilities (Namespace)
      • AnimateUtility - Extremely useful functions for fire-and-forget animation of just about anything in WPF
      • MathHelper - Help for the trigonometry impaired
      • RadiusConverter - XAML converter for radius to diameter and back
  • InfoStrat.VE.NUI.dll
    • InfoStrat.VE.NUI (Namespace)
      • SurfaceVEMap - Adds Surface manipulations to VEMap
      • SurfaceVEPushPin - Uses Surface versions of base controls
    • InfoStrat.VE.NUI.Utilities (Namespace)
      • SurfaceAnimateUtility - Adds animation for throwing ScatterViewItems

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