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Features and RoadMap

Release 1

The current version of InfoStrat.VE supports these features:

VEMap and SurfaceVEMap:
  • Use WPF data binding to control various map properties:
    • Latitude and Longitude
    • Altitude
    • Roll, Pitch, and Yaw
    • Map Mode (Aerial, Hybrid, Road)
    • 3D Cursor (WPF only)
    • Show 3D Buildings
  • Simple functions allow cinematic FlyTo a location
  • Supports children objects such as pure WPF-based VEPushPin and SurfaceVEPushPin objects
    • Child objects automatically track a Latitude and Longitude on the map
    • Map can use VEPushPins through data binding, just like a ListBox or other ItemsControl
    • VEPushPins have optional max/min altitude and parent pushpin for grouping purposes
  • You can inherit VEPushPin and SurfaceVEPushPin and create your own custom look and behavior

SurfaceVEMap only:
  • Multi-touch/gesture manipulations for controlling Latitude and Longitude (pan) and Altitude (zoom)
  • Data binding for Pan and Zoom gesture sensitivity (SurfaceVEMap only)

Sample applications:
  • Demonstrates basic data binding
  • Shows simple VEPushPin operations

Release 2 (2H 2009)

The following features are currently in development and testing and are planned for the next version:

VEMap and SurfaceVEMap:
  • Utility functions for processing geoRSS, WMS layers, and KML data

SurfaceVEMap only:
  • Altitude aware gesture sensitivity
  • Standardized gestures for controlling roll, pitch, and yaw

Sample applications:
  • Sample showing geoRSS, WMS, and KML integration
  • Sample showing VEPushPin grouping, altitude awareness, and better VEPushPin data source management

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