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Application List

This page lists all known applications that use the InfoStrat.VE project. If you are using it and could like to be listed, please let us know! Tell us the project name, who gets credit (company name/individual), whether it is WPF or Surface, and a screenshot or video.
  • Applications
    • InfoStrat Surface apps: (Follow link for videos)
      • Constituent Services
      • Mission Insight
      • Cartography
      • GIS Explorer
      • Weather Mapper
    • GeoPlaces by Sacha Barber:
GeoPlaces.png telosSE7EN.jpg
  • Belgian Beef Cafe by the creative stores. Featured at ReMix 2009! (Skip to 10:30 in the video)
belgianbeercafe.png BudapestSoundmap.png
  • ...Your name here!

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