Animating inserted 3D elements

Mar 11, 2009 at 10:22 PM
My end goad is to be able to take 3D models (e.g. sketchup or kml which has been processed by Calagari) and insert them into 3D VE scenes and animate them.

Something like this article says that AGI is doing with VE. I assume that is a Release #2 feature, correct?

Analytical Graphics—makers of the STK software I have mentioned in previous entries in this blog that provides integrated analysis of land, sea, air and space assets highlighted by 3-D visualization—finally made official what I have been promising here, announcing this week that they have integrated Microsoft Virtual Earth into the STK offering.

Virtual Earth Technical Evangelist, Chris Pendleton, beat me to the punch on this one and offers a great write-up in his “Evangelist’s Blog.” I love his reaction to seeing this integration for the first time because it reflects my own impression, having seen the groundwork for this integration at the GEOINT and ITSEC conferences in late 2008. Be sure to check Chris’ blog because he embeds a really cool video from AGI showing flight tracking from space down to Earth with full animations in Virtual Earth 3D. Watch closely, and you’ll see Virtual Earth 3D used for:

  • flight planning
  • better situational analysis of an area of interest
  • terrain constrained line of site
  • sensor projection with terrain
  • sensor over flight times with collection constraints
  • GPS navigational accuracy
  • coverage analysis of constellation of sensors
  • aircraft route generation
  • dynamic link budget modeling transmitters and receivers


Meanwhile, I will go ahead and include here the AGI announcement in full.

-=Virtual Jerry


AGI software streams Microsoft Virtual Earth imagery to enhance design, analysis and situational-awareness applications

Exton, PA (February 24, 2009)—AGI, producer of commercially available STK software for integrated analysis of land, sea, air and space assets, announces the integration of Microsoft Virtual Earth. Through this service, AGI products can directly stream the ever-expanding set of terabytes of global, high-resolution imagery and maps from Virtual Earth. Access to the Virtual Earth imagery will be available with AGI’s STK, STK Engine and Insight 3D software products.

“We are excited to offer this fantastic Microsoft Virtual Earth platform to effortlessly provide our users with the most realistic picture of their mission at their fingertips,” says Paul Graziani, AGI president and CEO.

Chris Sampson, director of Virtual Earth Sales and Operations at Microsoft, adds, “We are pleased to provide our Virtual Earth imagery to AGI software users to better serve customers and augment the realism of their 3-D visualizations.”

All AGI products are available to act as a client to the served Virtual Earth imagery with the release of STK 9. Learn more about the Virtual Earth imagery included in AGI’s latest major software release at

Mar 12, 2009 at 12:40 AM
The STK software has a much larger scope than this project.  Virtual Earth provides features to display models, but there is a whole level of complexity to do something like shown in those screenshots.

So no, the features STK demonstrate won't be in Release 2.  We are planning to add some utility functions to assist with basic GeoRSS and KML processing, for example.

If you want to access the native control to do something we haven't exposed or implemented, VEMap does expose the GlobeControl publicly.  You'll probably have to add references to the appropriate MapPoint dlls in your project though.