Implementing Route maps for VE globe

Feb 26, 2010 at 6:04 PM

From nrvemula69 at

Hello All,
I am wondering if any one can help me[Microsoft Surface App] in implementing Routing in VE globe control.
I am having a set of points which can form a polyline, but when implemented on globe control, it behaves wierdly(The points are not joining
at the first place when i zoom in and see!!! :( . ( Second thing, the polyline which displays is blurred(not a solid line) when I am paning and zooming in the App).
BTW,I am using code to achive.

Any help is really appreciated.



Can you provide a code snippet on how you are creating and adding polylines? Depending upon how you implemented it, your lines may just be going under the landscape and appear to be broken.